Asteroid 'Beast' to Fly By Earth on Sunday Asteroid 'Beast' to Fl 
Asteroid 2014 HQ124( A new-found huge asteroid, nicknamed "The Beast," is expected zoom by Earth this weekend. The asteroid 2014 HQ124, which is the size of a football stadium, poses ... [全文]


Kamikaze Moon Probe to Carry out Risky Maneuver Kamikaze Moon Probe to 
Artist impression of NASA's LADEE moon satellite that has completed its primary mission and will, later this month, be commanded to crash into the lunar surface. Scientists have no delusions ab... [全文]


Flying Squirrel, Rainbow Lizard Among 367 New Species Found in Mekong Flying Squirrel, Rainb 
Flying Squirrel The Laotian giant flying squirrel, Biswamoyopterus laoensis, as seen from the bottom.Daosavanh Sanamxay The Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia, through which the Mekong Ri... [全文]
Stop and Smell the Corpse Flower Stop and Smell the Cor 
A titan arum, or corpse flower, blooms in England's Kew Gardens. With a name like corpse flower, you know the titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) isn't going to be smelling like a rose. But unt... [全文]


Early Dogs Helped Humans Hunt Mammoths Early Dogs Helped Huma 
Early dogs may have helped human hunters track and kill mammoths in Ice Age Europe and Asia. The fierce dogs may have then guarded the meat from their wolf relatives. Penn State archeologist Pat... [全文]


Beached Whale Hidden in 17th-Century Dutch Painting Beached Whale Hidden i 
"View of Scheveningen Sands," before and after conservators uncovered a beached whale in the painting. When art conservators in the United Kingdom were cleaning a 17th-century Dutch seascape, th... [全文]


UFO Sighting? No, Just Google's 'Rogue' Balloon UFO Sighting? No, Just 
On Oct. 16, 2012, residents of Pike County, Ky., looked high in the sky to find a strange sight. Two years ago, a Google balloon launched to test the feasibility of delivering the Internet to p... [全文]

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Heads Up, Lights Out Saturday for Earth Hour Heads Up, Lights Out S 
Millions of people around the world are expected to go dark for an hour on Saturday, March 29, as part of the World Wildlife Fund’s annual Earth hour. Want to join in? Flip the switch and turn o... [全文]